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I help women design, scale, and build sustainable businesses.

Are you on your birth worker journey and need support, guidance, and mentoring? I can help you.  As a seasoned doula and leader in the birth industry, I will help you find your path to success!

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From completely customized one-on-one programs to group mentoring sessions, I have a range of services to help you finally create the business you have been dreaming about.


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Hi, it's nice to meet you - I'm Ravae!


I’m a doula, childbirth educator for parents, a birth worker mentor & small business consultant for entrepreneurs. 

20 years ago my journey began when people did not even know the meaning of the word “doula”.  Today, people understand that a doula is a helper, a supporter, and a community builder.  I am honored to stand beside growing families and doulas as their find their path in newness.

Using my experiences and wisdom, I partner with doulas and families to grow strong in their knowledge, gain insight to healthcare systems and to be whole at the of the journey using intense self-care and business strategy.