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I'm Ravae, a Doula & Childbirth Educator to parents
a Mentor & Business Consultant for doula entrepreneurs

20  years ago my doula journey began when people did not even know the meaning of the word.  A doula is a person who supports a birthing or postpartum person by providing informational, physical, emotional and relational support during the journey & transition into parenthood.  As a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding professional and attorney, my team and I use all of our skills to help tiny little humans and their parents become a family. 

With a focus on health and birth equity, we recognize that being a birth worker is synonymous with being a community builder. While providing pregnancy & birth support and supporting the professional growth of doulas, my team is committed to the growth of healthy families & communities.


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When you’re growing a family or a business and balancing life demands, time is always tight. Are you ready to get help with creating a plan and executing it?

How we can work together

Parent Education & Support

Education and knowledge is the most empowering tool you can enter the birth and postpartum season with. Let us teach you about childbirth, comfort measures, coping with fear and pain, breastfeeding, and more! Virtual & in-person doula support, along with live online childbirth education classes are available to you.

Doula Education & Support

Are you on your doula journey and need support, guidance, and mentoring to take you further? Let me support you.  As a seasoned doula and a leader in the birthing profession, I will help you find your path.

DEI Strategy & Support

If you desire to cultivate a productive and engaging workplace culture, then I can help. It’s important to create a better experience for clients and increase your company’s sphere of influence in the industry.  Research shows that diverse teams lead to better outputs and increased productivity.

  • “My pregnancy was filled with complications – placenta previa, bleeding, pulmonary embolism, symphysis pubis dysfunction, depression- and I NEEDED HELP!
    Ravae stepped in during the 3rd trimester and brought such a sense of calm. She was so professional, patient, and flexible with us. She came to our home for personal prenatal courses; walking us through our birthing options, a birthing plan, the labor process, labor strategies, and postpartum support.
    Her spirit is so warm and beautiful. I was able to lean into her COMPLETELY during the labor process. I don’t remember much of the labor, because I allowed myself to only focus on my breathing and getting through. I blacked everything else out because I knew Ravae was there and could take care of it. I remember her holding me, and protecting me, and coaching me through every minute. Her work is selfless and all-consuming.”

    – Tiffany, Mother of Kingsley
  • “When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a set of twins for our first pregnancy experience, we wanted to ensure that we receive the proper guidance from end-to-end. Ravae won our hearts right from the beginning. Out of everyone we interviewed, she was the most personable and genuine.
    Throughout the entire pregnancy, Ravae was there with us along the way. She was very responsive and was there every time that we needed her. There were couple of instances where I had to be hospitalized amid the pregnancy, and Ravae was by our side throughout each one of those episodes. She would even stop by the store on of her own free will to acquire a few essentials that I needed in the hospital. Unfortunately, we were affiliated with an OBGYN practice that we often disagreed with. Essentially it felt like a “our way or the highway” type of relationship. However, with Ravae’s law background we could successfully navigate through those types of ambiguities.”

    – – S. Kum, Mother of Niran & Korban
  • “Ravae was so calm, gentle, and competent. She coached and guided me into different positions and applied pressure on my hips so expertly it would take my pain level down from what felt like a 10 to a bearable 6 or 7 during the most intense part of the contractions. I’m also really glad she was there because no one was expecting labor to go THAT fast and I am pretty sure we wouldn’t even have gotten a midwife in the room on time had it not been for Ravae really listening to me and tuning into the fact that things were moving quickly and I was almost ready to push!
    Ravae also showed so much kindness and compassion, checking in with us often when my son unexpectedly ended up in NICU. With no family in the area, it was just very comforting for my husband and me to have her for that additional emotional support.”

    – R. Costa, Zeno’s Mother

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