Ravae Sinclair


Meet Your Coach

Hi, it's nice to meet you - I'm Ravae!

Are you ready to take your birth business to the next level? I can help you create a strategy for developing a partnership or going full time in your birth business. 

There are many possibilities in store for you,  Let me help sort out the options that are the best fit for you. Let’s customize your experience!


I’m on a mission to help other women create their dream 6-figure business.

 I’ve done it for myself over and over again.  I can help you move forward, scale up, and make the money you desire. There are many ways to live a balanced life style while pursuing your passion to help families achieve their birthing goals and support your community. Let’s do it together.


Years of Coaching Experience


1:1 Coaching Clients in My Career


Client Growth After Coaching


Graduates of Group Coaching

How I help Clients

The values that define my relationships.

Acknowledging your past and identifying your niche  creates a space for authenticity. The realness attracts your ideal client.

Knowing your “why” grounds you in the journey. It’s powerful to establish and nurture your community connections and contribute.

Anyone can work hard. Not everyone is willing to be consistent. Staying focused within a circle of entrepreneurs in critical.

You are your own super power. It’s time to harness that power for good.

Some fun facts...

01 I’m Never without

My apple watch and fave lip gloss

02 I’m Probably Listening to

A good murder mystery podcast

03 Favorite Travel memory

The sound of the ocean sitting on the shores of Ghana (West Africa)

04 You’d be Surprised to Learn

I once was a massage therapist and am a licensed attorney

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From completely customized one-on-one programs to group mentoring sessions, I have a range of services to help you finally create the business you have been dreaming about.