Are you finally ready to launch the business of your dreams?

Put down the doubt, the uncertainty and anxiety and let’s dive in together for a year of connection, progress and business building! 
Here’s My Motto:

The right tools change everything. If you’re tired of getting nowhere, let me help!


Does this list sound familiar to you?

You’re tired of wasting time and money, and not getting the results you want to see.
Being an entrepreneur can feel really lonely and futile.
You’re not sure what’s the best next step to take.

But this could be you instead ...


annual income


annual clients


streams of income


days of progress

This is real value

No generic slides, no cookie-cutter presentations - no more playing it safe.

New and seasoned birth workers are ideal candidates for group mentorship as well as 1-on-1 sessions with a business mentor.

What’s included:
Business owners will be provided with business basics, a specific strategy for your niche audienceand an opportunity to discuss and track your progress. Business trackers and calendars are available to support you in staying organized.  Using expert support, we will set your business on track to grow and achieve your goal. Our support will help you become a confident and business savvy birth worker.

Here's what's included ...

Business Basics & Automation

Develop or reinforce a solid business foundation that includes automation and processes that can be replicated for success.

peer support

Group mentoring helps create connections that develop a professional circle of birth workers that can take your far.

business growth

With consistent effort, your business will develop ad grow.  It’s not enough to sit through sessions, you must show up and make consistent effort with my guidance.

community impact

Whether its your immediate family or local families, your business will grow to support them.  Financial health creates community stability. 

Choose the level that is ideal for you!

Foundational Group Support is ideal for new business owners working to set a solid foundation and benefit from a community of like minded people.

Level Up 1-on-1 Support is ideal for those in the group mentoring seeking to move their business forward at an accelerated speed.

Clarity Coaching is ideal for active business owners who are scaling their practice and value technical, business & emotional support along their journey. 

Executive Coaching is ideal for leaders who seek support in executing a strategic plan and creating a blueprint all while maintaining wellness in the fight.

Select the right level of support to meet your needs ...

Foundational Group Support

$ 75 Monthly
  • 12 30-minute topic specific classes to watch at your own pace w/downloadable worksheets
  • 12 monthly 1-hr group mentor sessions
  • Access to private Facebook Community that's a safe place to be yourself, ask questions & feel supported

Level Up 1-on-1 Support

$ 222 monthly
includes annual Membership & Foundational Support
  • one Monthly 1:1 1-hr Zoom Call
  • Project Focused Texting

Clarity Coaching

$ 300 monthly (minimum 6)
for active business owners
  • only 4 spots available
  • two Monthly 1:1 1-hr Zoom Calls
  • unlimited texting monthly
  • organizational tools

Executive Coaching

$ 500 Monthly (1 year)
  • only 2 spots available
  • 12 monthly executive sessions
  • Strategic Mapping
  • Exploring Zone of Genius & Collaborations
  • Building economic capacity
  • Wellness plan

You are your own super power. It’s time to harness that power for good.


So, what makes my support different?

I care about the details

All parts of business are important to me.  I help you consider the.components that have slipped by you but can make a difference in your bottom line.

I care about you, the person

Understanding your path and past helps uncover your ideal client and niche. What’s in store for YOU?

My strong record of success

After supporting hundreds of birth workers during the pandemic, I enjoy seeing the bank statements showing how their businesses are thriving and experiencing their personal growth.

CLIENT Success Story

Under her mentorship, I have been able to increase my company revenue over 1000% in the last three years.

akilah w.

“The thing I had the most angst about was operating my doula business during a pandemic.  It’s still a work in progress, yet Ravae has definitely helped me to open my eyes and make moves during a pandemic.”

J’Twasha K.

“Thank you, Ravae for hosting this platform for birth workers who need direction, support, education, and encouragement. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from other birth workers in various stages of their birth businesses. Being a part of this circle has given me much inspiration and confidence as a business owner.”

The FAQs

Registration opens up 4 times a year (April, July, October and January). Space is limited and first-come, first-serve. Your first call is the month following registration. You join a cohort of birth workers that you will be learning and growing with for the next year of mentorship!

Group mentorship was created for birth workers of all experience levels! It’s perfect is you are hungry for more education and a community. 

1:1 mentorship is for anyone that needs some extra TLC and access to Ravae for pursuing a plan in depth, with a strategy and detailed guidance through extra zoom/text/phone support!

The 1:1 Mentorship program is ideal for newer birth workers (< 2 yrs experience) who are feeling lost, unsupported and want to take their practice to the next level and be the absolute best they can be in business and in life. You get all the things: the full workbook, monthly 1:1 calls with Ravae, monthly business training, access to the community facebook page, unlimited texting with Ravae, and two optional 30-min debrief calls.

All sales are final and per the terms, you agree to pay for all months purchased. Monthly pricing is a courtesy to make the program more affordable, instead of purchasing all upfront. If there is a time where your membership is cancelled, access to all of the modules will be revoked, and you will lose all previously finished classes.

Yes!! You will definitely see/hear from her throughout, and she will do her best to pop onto group calls to offer her insight/teaching as she is available!

All Continuing Education Units (CEUs)s have been applied for through credible organizations and are pending. Most (if not all) states will accept CEUs from other states but be sure to check with your local licensing agency to be sure (especially if you are outside the U.S.A.)