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Introducing: the Birth Connecting & Doula That! podcasts

Are you a birth worker currently navigating the career path in health care and the broken health care system of the U.S.? If you want a partner to support you along your journey, then click below and listen. I /We have some tips to share!


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Two Podcasts for Birth Workers

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 7 Cover image (1)

In this episode #7, Ravae & Denise do a 1 year look back on April 11, 2023 and discuss the lessons & blessings that came from an untimely & shocking dismissal from the DONA International board of directors.
We got free and are so grateful!

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 6 Cover image

In this episode #6, Ravae & Denise have some tips for aspiring doulas & shares some thoughts about virtual doula support.
Tune in!

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 5 Cover image

In this episode #5, Ravae & Denise break down some things to consider when choosing the right doula trainer & how to protect your intellectual property.
You gots to be more careful!

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 4 Cover image

In this episode #4, Ravae & Denise share ideas for finding doulas clients and discuss recent reports from the CDC there is a rise in maternal death rates. Join us for a chat session.

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 3 Cover image

In this episode #3, Ravae & Denise discuss the importance of securing and using backup doulas, the unsavory culture of folks constantly asking for money online, and infant loss awareness. It's mixed bag of topics, so tune in and listen for some nuggets!

_Doula That! Podcast Ep 2 Cover image

In this episode #2, Ravae & Denise discuss the snapback culture in the U.S. and how it contributes to the Black Maternal Health Crisis.
Join us for insights, opinions and solutions.

_Podcast Episode 1

This episode (#1) introduces your hosts, Denise & Ravae. We are birth workers with many careers and years of experience amongst us who share a love of birth, babies and families. Come join us and listen to two girlfriends as we talk all things birth, postpartum and business. We hope to share the realness of birth work and the ways you can navigate a birthing career that allows you to thrive and succeed.

Podcast Episode Covers (1)

Interview with Ericka Sinclair on the current public health concerns: monkeypox, COVID-19, polio, flu, allergies, pneumonia and new viruses from China (ep. 2 pt.1)


Interview with Ericka Sinclair on other sources to rely on for public health information (ep. 2 pt. 2)


Interview with Ericka Sinclair on how to be a connector as a birth worker during a public health crisis (ep. 2 pt. 3)

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