Happy Black History Month!

Unpacking the White Supremacy Within version 1.0 (one payment)

Minimum price: $40.42


Let’s do the work! We hope you all come into the group with a readiness to look inward and be ready to receive truth and to do the work to reconcile. This will likely be an uncomfortable experience. This will be work we expect you to do long after it’s trendy and the emotions of today subside. You will gain the support of a mentor who has already been through the UWSW circle and can give you a listening ear.  This work will serve you well as you pursue birth equity and health equity in the maternal and infant mortality crisis.

We will be respectful and we will be honest in this group. The goal is to build up our community of birth workers doing the work.

The monthly payment for the 2-month series calls for a minimum payment of $20.21 each month (so, $40.42), but you can pay according to how you value this work.


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