Ravae Sinclair

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Strategic Facilitation, Planning & Implementation


I develop and strengthen leaders, organizations, and community connections. I work to create access & opportunities while achieving equity and eliminating barriers.


A just and equitable world without barriers, where you can be your true self and achieve your dreams.


 Listen. Learn. Lead. 


Where the Expertise Has Been Shared Recently

National Perinatal Health Professional Association (Georgia)

National Association to Advance Black Birth (Washington D.C.)

Iowa Black Doula Collective (Iowa)

Healthy Children (Massachusetts)

Health In The Hood (Florida)

DONA International (Illinois)



Board Development, Team Restructuring, Decolonizing Infrastructure, Governance Document Review, Team Building, & Realigning Values are Key Components of Strategic Planning and Organizational Survival.

What We Can Accomplish


Explore and develop innovative ideas within the team that will contribute to the organization’s forward progress


Review the governance structure and elements to create a solid foundation rooted in the mission and vision

DEIB Review

Assess policies and practices to embed equity and justice through strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging practices

Team Growth

Support the development of team members and assessing strengths for each person to maximize efficacy within the organization

You are your own super power. It’s time to harness that power for good.