Ravae Sinclair

Business coaching

I help women business owners launch their brand even higher.

Here’s My Motto

The right tools change everything. If you’re tired of getting nowhere, let me help!


Priced at $75 monthly

Foundational Group Support

This is ideal for new business owners working to set a solid foundation and benefit from a community of like minded people..


Priced at $222 monthly

Level Up 1-on-1 Package

This is ideal for those in the group mentoring circle who are seeking to move their business forward at an accelerated rate.


Priced at $300 monthly

Clarity Coaching

This is ideal for active business owners who are scaling their practice and value technical, business & emotional support along their journey. 


Priced at $500 monthly

Executive Coaching

This is ideal for leaders who seek support in executing a strategic plan and creating a blueprint all while maintaining wellness in the fight.

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So, what makes me different?

I Care About the Details

All parts of business are important to me.  I help you consider the components that have slipped by you, but can make a difference in your bottom line.

I care about you, the person

Understanding your path and past helps uncover your ideal client and niche. What’s in store for YOU?

My strong record of success

After supporting hundreds of birth workers during the pandemic, I enjoy seeing the bank statements showing how their businesses are thriving.

You are your own super power. It’s time to harness that power for good.